Careers at Brooklyn Music Factory

Are you a music teacher looking to join a community of vibrant and committed musicians? 

If you love to help others, then Brooklyn Music Factory might be the place for you. 

Read on to learn more!

No open positions. Please check back soon!

Are you excited to write original songs with your 9 year old student?

If yes, then Brooklyn Music Factory may be the perfect community for you.

Do you dream about all the ways you can strengthen your students ears through super fun games they love to play?

If yes, then Brooklyn Music Factory may be the perfect community for you.

Are you sick and tired of recitals that cause your students unnecessary stress and make their parents anxious?

If yes, then Brooklyn Music Factory may be the perfect community for you.

Do you look forward to getting inquisitive emails from parents of your students because it provides you the opportunity to share a story of their child’s musical journey?

If yes, then Brooklyn Music Factory may be the perfect community for you.

Are you available 2-3 days per week to teach all levels of piano students from 3-8pm?

If yes, then Brooklyn Music Factory may be the perfect community for you!

Pay range: $30-$40/hr based on years of teaching experience. Additional benefits include paid department meetings, retirement savings, & paid curriculum development opportunities.

See What We're All About

Brooklyn Music Factory is not just a music school; we are a mission-driven company intent on growing a body of 100,000 students worldwide with the tools needed to connect with others and build something bigger than themselves through music. Playing & performing in bands. Writing & sharing songs. Jamming around the campfire or around the world. We grow musicians for life and are changing a generation of music-making families.

Brooklyn Music Factory Core Values:

  • Be the Best Version of Yourself
  • Be 100% Engaged: Emotionally and Intellectually
  • Find Joy in Every Day & Every Way
  • Discover Everyone’s Story
  • Communicate Consistently to Gain Trust
  • Check Your Ego at the Door
  • Build Community
minikeys music classes ages 4-5

Life as a BMF Teacher

Your life as a BMF teacher may feel radically different than any previous job. You will prepare for every single lesson with a level of intent and commitment that will mean long days. Especially in year one. You will be asked to study new BLAM (Big Lessons About Music) games each week and you will be challenged to implement new technologies that make your students’ learning experiences more efficient. You will be asked to create new content to benefit our whole community. You will work occasional weekends in the winter and spring to celebrate with your students at their gigs and/or online performances.

Your job is to build a community of confident, creative communicators fluent in the language of music. Your students will grow into lifelong musicians who join or start their own bands, write original songs, record and share their magic, and ultimately inspire others to join them in the mission to bring people closer together.

Finally, you will serve the community at large with your creative input. If you love to help others, then Brooklyn Music Factory is the place for you.

This position is for you if:

  • You believe that making & sharing music with others is the best part of music.
  • You find joy in each of your students’ journeys and successes.
  • You are 100% committed to the growth of your students.
  • You want to join a community that regularly gathers to share and celebrate music.
  • You are an excellent and consistent communicator.

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a “side job” that you can schedule around other commitments and responsibilities.
  • You are not available for several weekends of gigs through the school year.
  • You like to go it alone and don’t see the value of connecting regularly with your fellow faculty.
  • You are unwilling to learn and adopt a new curriculum.
  • You are unwilling to learn and adopt new technologies and administrative systems.

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest in working at Brooklyn Music Factory!

There are currently no open positions available.

"My daughter loved her class. It’s maybe the first online learning thing she’s enjoyed! She does not like Zoom. It makes her very self-conscious and uncomfortable. But not with you! Thank you for making it so warm and comfy for her ."

-Sarah M.

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