Join an Adult Band!
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Your "I used to play, but I don't anymore" Days Are Over.

music class for adults

" I feel so much more relaxed and happy. Carefree. I am becoming addicted to the feeling I get from playing, from being inside the sound and working with my bandmates to create it.”  

You used to play guitar, or piano, or sing, but you've long since gotten busy with life, work, or raising kids. 


  • Open to all and anyone interested in experiencing the magic of making music with others
  • Perfect for beginners (Don't worry, it's not that scary.) 
  • Gigs? Book ‘em! - we’ll teach you how! 
  • For music lovers that want to pick up that dusty old guitar again (We'll even help you tune it.)

“Playing music in a band is a great way of living in the moment and losing yourself in something that is way bigger than you.You are doing something so real when you are making music with others and then performing it. Most of us don’t do enough real things in our lives anymore. Especially not as part of a community”  

-Sarah- Adult Band Member and No-Longer-Beginning-Guitar Student!

Brooklyn Music Factory

“Band is a rare opportunity to use a different part of my brain, I can literally feel the muscle cranking in a completely unique way. Working in concert with other people is beautiful. It is a kind of communication and expression that happens nowhere else, one that bonds you with people in ways that are way different than friendship.”  

-JillElyn - Adult Band Member

Brooklyn Music Factory
music class for adults

“Joining a Band is the most romantic and radical move you can make. You and your future mates will bond on a level you haven’t experienced before. What sets BMF’s Adult Band program apart from others, is that YOU are calling the shots, you’re in control. My team and I are here to facilitate, YOU make it happen!”  

Custom Setlist -YOU & your band pick the songs  

Annual BMF Adult Band Party - Live Music Galore!  

Weekly Rehearsals to build your band's sound & vibe