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“I just can’t say enough about the high level of attention and love for teaching music that exists at BMF. The overall vibe is great and the kids all look happy to be there. Thank you Jason Vance and BMF for making music class so enjoyable!”  

- Millie, a MiniKeys Mom  

MiniKeys Band Class • For Kids Ages 4-5

➜45-minute class weekly ➜Unique game-based curriculum ➜Learning through movement ➜Small group setting ➜Play & write lots of new songs!  

Classes offered Monday-Friday after school & all day Saturday 

MiniKeys Brooklyn Music Factory

A Great Place to Start!  

Our core belief at Brooklyn Music Factory is the sooner a music student learns they can play music with others, the more likely they are to become a life-long musician. Thus we start with MiniKeys in a semi-private scenario of 4-5 students per class. It's designed to meet their energy & focus needs at this age while preparing them for a trajectory both in private lessons as well as band.  

Each 45 Minute Class Includes: 

  • Drum Circle Games - students warm-up with basic rhythmic techniques
  • Sing-Along - everyone sings & learns fun movements along with basic music techniques 
  • Rock Pit - students learn basic music concepts through full body games
  • BandStand - We focus on the piano for melody, drums for rhythm, guitar for harmony & the microphone for voice & lyrics. MiniKeys students learn or write a new song together every 3-4 weeks. The MiniKeys BAND then plays it together on each instrument, not only learning what they're doing individually, but how their part fits into the larger band setting.

MiniKeys culminates with a MiniGig in January & June where family & friends are invited into our last class to see the band play their gig song and to celebrate the students' musical progress. 


Creativity & Communication

MiniKeys encourages creativity and communication through music! Our experienced & nurturing teachers use stories and movement to help kids connect to the musical concepts they're learning.

“Super awesome experience! My 4 year old daughter experienced extremely fun ways of playing different instruments, learning beats, keys on the piano and a short song. By the end she was on the microphone making up a full song with everyone accompanying.”  

- Claire, a MiniKeys Mom  

MiniKeys Brooklyn Music Factory

Fall 2019 Openings: 

MiniKeys (2014 Birthdays)

Monday 4:15 Tuesday 3:30 Wednesday 4:15 Friday 4:30


MiniKeys (2015 Birthdays)

Monday 4:15 Tuesday 3:30 Friday 3:30 Saturday 10:00  


Let us know which days work best for you!

Please note: Class availability may shift due to students' ages. 

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minikeys music class brooklyn music factory

MiniKeys Tuition: $1,390, plus a one-time $40 membership fee (September-June)  

Choose from three billing options: 1) Monthly installments of $139 from September 1-June 1 2) Two installments of $660 due on September 1 and February 1 (5% discount off full tuition) 3) One installment of $1,321 due on September 1 (5% discount off full tuition) * A 5% multi-class discount will be applied when a student or family is enrolled in more than one class or lesson.  

Monthly Materials Fee: $4.95/Student Includes all books, materials, music & all access subscription to Big Music Games.

“I absolutely adore BMF, this class and the detailed updates that I have received. It makes me feel so connected to my son's experience. We were so shocked and surprised at his progress. I really wasn't expecting him to do so well during the gig!!!”  

- A MiniKeys Mom  

Our Approach 

minikeys at brooklyn music factory

Through its carefully structured 45 minute weekly class with rhythm games in a drum circle, a rotating variety of songs for vocal sing-along, up-on-your-feet BLAM games, and time on the MiniBand Stand (drums, keys, microphone) students consistently grow in their basic instrument technique, ability to play music with others, and overall musical fluency. 

➜ For All Types of Learners

Each 45 minute class is intentionally structured with a drum circle, sing-along, BLAM Game, and band stand activities to accommodate a variety of different types of musical learners and interests. 

➜ Start Music Early

Along with BMF's core belief that the earlier a musician learns to play music with others the more likely they are to become a lifelong musician, MiniKeys provides the building blocks for interaction and communication in music through our unique game-based curriculum.  

➜ Get in the Groove 

MiniKeys students learn basic rhythm patterns - in both 4/4 & 3/4 - which lay a rhythmic technique foundation for future skill building on any instrument.  

➜ Play a MiniGig! 

Our 15 week semester culminates in a band MiniGig where students share chosen games and songs with each band member rotating to play each instrument for the performance.  

➜ Maximum number of kids per class = 5

Get Your Child EXCITED About Music!  

In MiniKeys, we've developed a unique game-based curriculum that keeps our students excited, engaged and ready to play music with others. In this semi-private, small group setting students at this particular age benefit from group learning as a team before they're ready for sustained, one-on-one attention required for private lessons. Lots of our MiniKeys students discover an instrument they LOVE, and eventually decide to take devoted lessons on that instrument in the years that follow. 

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We are located at 600 Degraw between 3rd & 4th Ave in Brooklyn, NY  

Gowanus • Brooklyn  

The closest subway stop is the Union St. R, or we are a 10 minute walk from Atlantic Barclays Center.

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