Jam Band 101 • Ages 6-8

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Jam Band 101 is a fun, collaborative class where kids ages 6-8 develop beginning music fluencies by playing games and writing songs together with their band.


➜ Age: 6-8 ➜ Class length: 60 minutes ➜ Class size: Up to 6 kids ➜ Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums


Jam Band 101 is perfect for total beginners, as well as for kids with 1-2 years of band and/or private lesson experience. Kids who do well in Jam Band 101 are excited to try out all the instruments and enjoy playing games and learning in a group setting.

What Happens in Jam Band 101? 

A typical Jam Band 101 class includes the following:

Drum Circle - with every bandmate on their own hand drum, the band plays a rhythmic technique game that establishes the BLAM (Big Lesson About Music) of the day.  

Rock Pit - the band levels up the BLAM (Big Lesson About Music) of the day by leaving their hand drums, and playing a more full-body game up on their feet.

Speed Song - now time to apply the BLAM of the day to an actual song. The band exercises their creative muscles and writes a short original song with a verse & a chorus in a matter of minutes.  

BandStand - complete with vocals, keys, electric bass, electric guitar, and drums, time to bring it all together where the band puts the BLAM of the day to music and plays their brand new original Speed Song on the instruments with a game on the bandstand.  

Why Jam Band 101? 

Jam Band 101 is inspiring, fun and creative. Students in Jam Band 101 will:

➜ Learn to communicate through music ➜ Learn basic technique on all the instruments ➜ Learn composition and how each fluency (Rhythm, Harmony, Melody) fit together to make a song ➜ Practice teamwork and communicating with others ➜ Find the instrument that excites them ➜ Build confidence in their creativity ➜ Find joy through music! ➜ Grow self confidence ➜ Make friends  

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What Parents Are Saying:

"Love how the instructors interact with the kids. My son and his friend LOVE going to class every week and really want to show Sergio that they are learning. Also, while waiting a couple times there have been impromptu play alongs with instructors I don’t know. Just to keep the kids engaged. Really cool."

-Donovan, a BMF Dad

"My daughter started with one of their summer camps a few years ago and she has been taking individual and band lessons there ever since. She's not just become a fantastic guitar player, she's found a wonderful group of friends and a supportive staff and environment to grow as a person. This is a wonderful place for budding child musicians of all ages!"

-Rick, a BMF Dad

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Jam Band 101 Pricing

Tuition: $1,480, plus a one-time $40 membership fee (September-June) Tuition will be prorated to reflect your start date.

Choose from three billing options: 1) Monthly installments of $148 2) Two installments due on the first of the month, and February 1 (5% discount off full tuition) Tuition will be prorated to reflect your start date. 3) One installment (5% discount off full tuition) Tuition will be prorated to reflect your start date.  

*A 5% multi-class discount will be applied when a student or family is enrolled in more than one class or lesson. BMF Connect Subscription: $4.95/month 

BMF Connect is your one-stop destination for everything Brooklyn Music Factory. See class photos & videos; view weekly lesson & class reports from your teacher, and access BMF materials & resources.

Special Club Keyboard + Jam Band 101 Package! $2,390 for both–a $480 Savings

Band Class VS Private Lessons

While students in private lessons focus on one instrument, students in Jam Band 101 (our band classes for beginners) play a variety of instruments throughout the year. Many students will conclude the program with a specific passion for an instrument they didn’t know about when they started. They might not have developed the technique yet to express themselves fully on the instrument, but they are fired up to learn more!  

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Other GREAT Options for Kids 6-8 

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ONLY FOR STUDENTS in Jam Band and Rock Write Record Exploration Bands!

• An optional 4-week, 30-min semi-private lesson package • Focus on one instrument and develop some skills to use in band • Slots available right before or after most bands • Only available to BMF students!  

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