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Club Keyboard- a fun and inspiring small group piano class for kids ages 6-8

Jam Band 101 is a group music class for kids ages 6-8. Our students explore lots of instruments while learning essential music fundamentals and writing a song with their band. Lots of teamwork, lots of fun!  

➜ For kids ages 6-8 ➜ Write an original song with your band! ➜ Learn how to make music TOGETHER ➜ Build self confidence & communication skills ➜ Develop music knowledge through fun music games

What Parents are Saying

"Love how the instructors interact with the kids. My son and his friend LOVE going to class every week and really want to show Sergio that they are learning. Also, while waiting a couple times there have been impromptu play alongs with instructors I don’t know. Just to keep the kids engaged. Really cool."

-Donovan, a BMF Dad

About Jam Band 101

Jam Band 101 is a joyful introduction to songwriting in a band setting. Through drum circles, BLAM games, speed songwriting sessions, and exploring different instruments on the bandstand, students will begin to learn the fundamentals of what it takes to create and play music with others.  

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➜ Try Lots of New Instruments

Jam Band 101 students have the opportunity to explore band instruments and discover what they like. They learn basics on piano, guitar, bass, drums, and of course - singing on a microphone!

➜ Group Songwriting

Students will begin to learn healthy songwriting habits in addition to songwriting confidence. Each semester culminates in a band gig where the band plays their original song for friends and family!

➜ Make Music Together 

Our Jam Band 101 students learn the basic concepts needed to make music together as a group. Lots of teamwork & communication!

➜ Get Inspired

We provide families an alternative to the traditional music lesson with a proven game-based curriculum that inspires students to play often, and with others.  

➜ Maximum number of kids per class = 6

➜ Class length: 60 minutes

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Jam Band 101 Class Schedule

Monday 5:00pm - 5 spots (Ages 7-8)  

Tuesday 3:30pm - 1 spot 4:30pm - 1 spot 4:30pm - 3 spots 5:00pm - 6 spots  

Wednesday 3:30pm - 2 spots (Ages 5-6) 3:30pm - 4 spots (Ages 7-8) 5:00pm - 1 spot  

Thursday 3:30pm - 1 spot (Ages 5-6) 4:00pm - 3 spots (Ages 7-8)  

Saturday 10:00am - 1 spot 10:00am - 3 spots 12:00pm - 4 spots 12:00pm - 4 spots  

Let us know which days work best for you! 

Skill Sharpener: ONLY FOR STUDENTS in Jam Band and Rock Write Record Exploration Bands!

• An optional 4-week, 30-min semi-private lesson package • Focus on one instrument and develop some skills to use in band • Slots available right before or after most bands • Only available to BMF students!

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Jam Band 101 Music Class

Tuition: $1,480, plus a one-time $40 membership fee (September-June)  

Choose from three billing options: 1) Monthly installments of $148 from September 1-June 1 2) Two installments of $703 due on September 1 and February 1 (5% discount off full tuition) 3) One installment of $1,406 due on September 1 (5% discount off full tuition)  

* A 5% multi-class discount will be applied when a student or family is enrolled in more than one class or lesson. Monthly Materials Fee: $4.95/Student Includes all books, materials, music & all access subscription to Big Music Games.  

Band Class VS Private Lessons

While students in private lessons focus on one instrument, students in Jam Band 101 (our band classes for beginners) play a variety of instruments throughout the year. Many students will conclude the program with a specific passion for an instrument they didn’t know about when they started. They might not have developed the technique yet to express themselves fully on the instrument, but they are fired up to learn more!  

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Let's Make Some Music!

Questions? Contact us! info@brooklynmusicfactory.com

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We are located at 600 Degraw between 3rd & 4th Ave in Brooklyn, NY  

Gowanus • Brooklyn  

The closest subway stop is the Union St. R, or we are a 10 minute walk from Atlantic Barclays Center.