MiniKeys - The perfect first music class for kids ages 4-5
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MiniKeys (Ages 4-5) 

The perfect first music class for kids ages 4-5

MiniKeys Brooklyn Music Factory

MiniKeys at Brooklyn Music Factory 

MiniKeys is the first stop on a young musician's journey at Brooklyn Music Factory, preparing them for their musical future in both bands and private lessons on a specific instrument. Through its carefully structured 45 minute weekly class with rhythm games in a drum circle, a rotating variety of songs for vocal sing-along, up-on-your-feet BLAM games, and time on the MiniBand Stand (drums, keys, microphone) students consistently grow in their basic instrument technique, ability to play music with others, and overall musical fluency. 

MiniKeys Class at Brooklyn Music Factory

For all types of learners

Each 45 minute class is intentionally structured with a drum circle, sing-along, BLAM Game, and band stand activities to accommodate a variety of different types of musical learners and interests. 

Start music early 

Along with BMF's core belief that the earlier a musician learns to play music with others the more likely they are to become a lifelong musician, MiniKeys provides the building blocks for interaction and communication in music through our unique game-based curriculum.  

Get in the groove

MiniKeys students learn basic rhythm patterns - in both 4/4 & 3/4 - which lay a rhythmic technique foundation for future skill building on any instrument.  

Play a MiniGig! 

Our 15 week semester culminates in a band MiniGig where students share chosen games and songs with each band member rotating to play each instrument for the performance.  

Get your child EXCITED about music! 

In MiniKeys, we've developed a unique game-based curriculum that keeps our students excited, engaged and ready to play music with others. In this semi-private, small group setting students at this particular age benefit from group learning as a team before they're ready for sustained, one-on-one attention required for private lessons. Lots of our MiniKeys students discover an instrument they LOVE, and eventually decide to take devoted lessons on that instrument in the years that follow. 

MiniKeys music class brooklyn music factory

"With MiniKeys, my 4 year old son's dream came true - he gets to rock out on REAL band instruments every week! The teachers integrate classes with fun games that keep kids moving and engaged, and on top of all that, they learn about the fundamentals of music. Genius!"

- Carolina, a Brooklyn Music Factory Mom 

minikeys class at brooklyn music factory

MiniKeys Class Details 

MiniKeys students thrive in this small group setting where our littlest musicians build their musical foundation while learning how to play and communicate with others as a team!  

For Kids Ages 4-5 

Class length: 45 minutes  

Pricing: $129/month 

Meet our MiniKeys teachers: Jason, Emily & Michelle

Curious how BMF is different?  

Our students play gigs. 

We measure success by how many fun gigs our students play with one another, not by how far our students progress in a method book.

Game based learning

Game-based learning keeps our lessons fun and effective. Our lessons feel nothing like the traditional lesson.

Unique Lesson Architecture

We follow our own unique lesson architecture that challenges every student to use their ears before their eyes as they solve the puzzle of music.

"Your teachers are amazing and foster such a love and ownership of music and creativity. I love the whole staff. "

- Margi, a Brooklyn Music Factory Mom

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Our Location 

We are located at 600 Degraw between 3rd & 4th Ave in Brooklyn, NY

We are located in Gowanus/Park Slope in Brooklyn.

The closest subway stop is the Union St. R, or we a short walk from Atlantic Barclay’s Center.