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Join us for tons of fun after camp! 

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Extended Day Camp

Come join our fun & musical extended day camp experience at Brooklyn Music Factory! 

Early drop off 8am Monday - Friday 

Extended day pickup 3:30-6pm Monday-Thursday

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We grow confident, creative, and communicative musicians ready to jam with others.  

Meet our extended day staff! 

Extended Day - For BMF Campers!

Brooklyn Music Factory's extended day is the perfect mix of structured and unstructured time after a long day of camp. Kids enjoy fun activities such as drum circle games, experiential movement activities to music of many cultures, karaoke, and outdoor play at the park. Anybody who wants (or needs!) some quiet time can play with our large collection of toys, read a book, or play educational music games on iPads. 

  •  Fun music games & activities!  
  • Early drop off 8am Monday-Friday
  • Extended day 3:30-6pm Monday-Thursday 
  • $100 for the week 
  • $25 per day 

*Please note our late pickup policy: If a camper is picked up after 6:05pm, a late fee of $1 per minute will be charged to the credit card on file.

minikeys drum circle at summer camp
summer camp at brooklyn music factory

Meet Our Extended Day Staff!

Gloria Bangiola

Favorite Food: Sausage and peppers over polenta (made by my Mom!)  

Favorite Animal: Dolphin 

Main Instrument: Cello  

Other Instruments: Voice, guitar, piano, ukulele, clarinet, and kazoo  

Other Hobbies: I love to cook and write poetry  

Favorite part of your job: I love building a positive community that makes students feel empowered to be their best.  

When and why did you discover you wanted to be a musician, or work closely with music? I have always sung and learned to sing harmony with my mom. But the first time I performed in public was in Into The Woods as Lil Red. I loved feeling the electricity in the room while I sang. I fell in love and have been working in music ever since!  

Fun fact: I have a freckle in my eye  

Bands/groups/projects: I am the artistic director of The Washington Heights Choir School in Inwood, I am affiliated with the Brooklyn College Composer’s collective, and I am currently preparing to perform in Julius Caesar this summer

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Jaylen Martinez

Favorite Food: Mac & cheese 

Favorite Animal: Elephant 

Main Instrument: Piano  

Other Instruments: Bass

Other Hobbies: I love writing and performing poetry and being way too analytical about movies and tv shows.

Favorite part of your job: My favorite part of working at BMF is getting the chance to let the kids have a say in what their schedule looks like.  

When and why did you discover you wanted to be a musician, or work closely with music? Growing up in a musical family, music has aways been an important part of my life. I spent most of my childhood being my musician father's eager roadie and so I got know the ins and outs of the "musical life" fairly intimately before I was tall enough to ride the Cyclone.  

Fun Fact: I am the President of my university's chapter of Black Women Empowered.  

Harvey Kelley

Favorite Food: Burrito 

Favorite Animal: Bear  

Main Instrument: Flute  

Other Instruments: Saxophone

Other Hobbies: I’m passionate about comedy and I love to perform standup, improv, and sketch comedy.  

Favorite part of your job: I love playing basketball with the kids during extended day camp! I also love seeing kids enjoy learning.  

When and why did you discover you wanted to be a musician, or work closely with music? While I’m no longer a musician I’ve always loved feeling that can be evoked through music and the talent of those who choose to play it.  

Fun Fact: I grew up in a town of 800 people.  

Bands/groups/projects: Emerson Comedy Workshop sketch group  

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