Making Time for Practice!

Hey parents! For 37 years of my life I had time for my musical self.  I could practice when I chose, write when I chose, record when I chose. Then came baby. Two years in I have finally figured out how to find time to fit music back into my life. These same tricks can help you make time for your son or daughter’s practice. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1.  Do less more often
Most of us don’t have time to sit and practice for an hour at a time. If ten minutes a day are what you have, then do ten minutes every day as opposed to an hour a few times a week.  It’s more realistic and will keep you honing those skills!

2. Make a plan
Schedule that practice time in your daily routine just like you would schedule your office hours, and your time at the gym.   That way, you don’t wake up a week later not having touched your instrument. You know on a daily basis when that practice time will happen and can count on it.

3. Listen
Listening moments can be turned into learning moments. Actively listen the song you are doing dishes or walking to the train. Whether it’s lyrics, form, melody, a lot can be rehearsed through an active listening session.

4. Make practice fun
If you want to do it, you will do it. The Brooklyn Music Factory provides tons of ways to make practicing fun (like jam tracks, and games you can play at home). In addition, find your own way to make it fun—turn up the distortion, dim the lights–whatever works for you!

– Peira

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