Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Yup. It’s that time of year! Everyone loves a musical gift you can dig into and start playing immediately – regardless of musical experience. I’ll start off with some small, low cost options (great ‘stocking stuffers’) and move on to some larger instrument options for the more dedicated musicians:

Melodica: This beauty is the closest thing to a portable piano. We use it all the time for ear training games and I’ve played my fair share of reggae gigs on it: BUY HERE

Hand Drum: The ultimate entry level instrument. Anyone can pick this sucker up and join a home jam session or play along with their favorite song. BUY HERE

Chicken Shakers: Why not? Less than ten bucks and enough for the whole family to jam along. Plus they remind me of all my favorite singer songwriters from the 90’s. BUY HERE

Xylophone: Wait!! Before you decide this is only for toddlers, remember that making melodies by hitting something is incredibly satisfying for all ages & the barrier to entry on this little guy is minimal. Anyone can play it, even if you are, “not musical”: BUY HERE


More Substantive Instruments For those that are ready to plunk down a bit more $ for some key music making toys this gear is not top end but just well built & super fun, rugged pieces that will keep your musician exploring & playing for years. I own at least a few of these and have not regretted a single purchase:

First Acoustic Guitar: My friend who has played professionally all his life, put it simply, “Yamaha makes a great entry level guitar that lasts forever.” I trust him for almost everything music or car related (he was a chief mechanic before becoming a jazz guitarist) & he has been absolutely right on this tip. We have at least five of these @ the Brooklyn Music Factory. I recommend getting the all inclusive package that comes with a bag, picks, and some other goodies: BUY 3/4 Size HERE (up to 10 years old) BUY Full Size HERE

Ukulele: This is the real deal! Why do you need to spend money on a Ukulele? Because this one will NOT go out of tune every two minutes: BUY HERE

Electronic Drum Set: If you have been to the BMF community room, you will have most likely taken a ride on one of our two electronic drum sets on the Main Stage. These things are the most popular part of our new space and both kids and adults LOVE them. The headphone options is great for the noise conscious household BUY HERE

Digital Piano: I get asked about digital pianos daily. Bottom line is that they are a great starter for your home and will be more than sufficient for at least the first 5 years. AND we have an AMAZING local deal with Big Wrench Piano. Click Here to learn more and make it happen today. Brian at Big Wrench will even have it delivered and set up(!) at your home. LEARN MORE HERE

Real Drum Set: This is a drum kit designed by Quest Love form the Roots (and the late night band). We have one at BMF and I think it’s hands down the sexiest instrument I’ve seen in a decade. PLUS…it comes with bags to drape over each drum to cut the volume down in half when playing! It sounds amazing, takes up a tiny bit of room, and just makes buckets of sense for NYC living: BUY HERE

Wait!!!!! What about lessons for the adult in your life? We have the perfect Jump Starter Lesson Package: 3 OR 6 Lessons. CLICK BELOW.

Adults ONLY 3 or 6 Lesson Package


Since last year we’ve upgraded from just BMF tees and now have trucker hats, bags of BMF picks, & even BMF drum sticks (easily the hippest swag I’ve ever seen). Check out some selections below from our new online store and support a local, community based, family owned business! BMF Drum Sticks,  BMF Trucker Hat, BMF Winter HatBMF Hoodie , BMF Coffee Tumbler & MORE Odin-Drumsticks-and-Hat-e1455225210611-600x600 bmf tumbler   Sign up for 2017 Camp!!