Why pay more for your music lesson?!

I was thinking the other day about the cost of enrolling in private lessons or a group band class at Brooklyn Music Factory. More specifically I was thinking that many parents invest a significant amount of money to enroll their kids (and often themselves as well) in our mission. And they often times choose BMF instead of another possible after school activity. The BMF mission is pretty simple. We give our students the tools to be able to make music with others and we do that through game based learning. That’s it…teaching our students to play together and having an absolute blast while doing it. We do not claim to train concert pianists. We do not claim to raise the next rock star. We do not talk much at all of how quickly students advance or have leveled books that a student can plow through to show progress. No, we focus on the social aspect of music, which we feel is one of the greatest values of this art form.  And we measure progress or success of our students on how many gigs they play together and how excited/motivated they are for the next playing opportunity.