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So they can play and create music they love right from the start!

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Sign up for music lessons that will inspire your child...

So they can play and create music they love right from the start!

Kids can get bored or frustrated with music lessons–and then struggle to stick with them.

(Sound familiar??)

Maybe you did lessons before and they were unsuccessful...

Maybe your child wasn't ready to commit, or they didn't really like their teacher...

Some parents might be thinking:

"Well my lessons weren't fun as a kid, so why should it be any different for my child? And aren't we supposed to MAKE them practice??"

Or maybe... you're just not sure if "game-based"
music lessons really work!

We hear you.

  • You want to be absolutely sure spending time and money on lessons.
  • You want it to be fun. (At least you think you do?)
  • You want it to be 100% engaging. (You want your kid to like it!)
  • You are tired of disorganized programs that take forever to get back to you. You just want to see a schedule and sign up!
  • You do not want to add another thing to your schedule unless it’s going to be a great fit! (SO MANY SCREENS.)
  • You are BUSY, and remote learning is too tiring to add music lessons unless your child will be excited to go back online.

Your First Lesson is Free, so you can try out our program to make sure the class—and teacher—are a good match for your child

Learning music can (and should)
be fun and inspiring.

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"My daughter loved her class. It’s maybe the first online learning thing she’s enjoyed! She does not like Zoom. It makes her very self-conscious and uncomfortable. But not with you! Thank you for making it so warm and comfy for her and the other kids."

-Sarah M

Book Your First Lesson Free So You Can:

  • Find a music teacher your child loves, so you don’t have to worry they don’t like their lessons—or want to quit!
  • Jumpstart your child’s music education with lessons that meet kids at their level with fun games that teach both skills and fluency
  • Watch your child grow, with lots of room for songwriting and creativity.
  • Avoid arguing with your child about practicing. Our students work with their teachers to choose music they want to learn!

"Thanks for providing me with 45 minutes a week when my kid is not saying mommy every 90 seconds!"

-Rachel T.

About BMF

Brooklyn Music Factory has been inspiring musicians and building community in Brooklyn for more than 10 years. Co-founders Nate Shaw and Peira Moinester came together with a vision for a different type of music lesson, one that was FUN, INSPIRING and game-based. They imagined a program where kids could collaborate regularly, play together in bands, and learn to think for themselves as musicians. From Nate's basement studio in Brooklyn, to a two-room music school, to a 12-studio facility with 600 summer campers each year, and now—with lessons available nationwide—BMF's community of music makers continues to grow. And a team of incredible teachers has joined us along the way.

Brooklyn Music Factory has now served more than 7,000 families in Brooklyn and around the world, and tons of kids across the country user our curriculum to write songs, play music games and connect with other young musicians!
Our students have written more than 10,000 original songs so far… and that number grows each and every week!  

Say hello to a few of our teachers. (Nice to meet you!)

Nate Shaw

Co-Founder of Brooklyn Music Factory

Peira Moinester

Co-Founder of Brooklyn Music Factory

Jason Vance

Director of Bands, Teacher

Ben Healy

Director of Private Lessons, Teacher

Kaitlin Pelkey

Director of Advanced Bands, Teacher

More of Our Fantastic Teachers... Let's Play!

"My 7 year old son is learning and practicing piano... because he finds it so fun! He had weekly lessons with another program the previous year, and it's night and day the way he is NOW very interested in music. He's excited to play new pieces for us and he feels proud, and cool! We're very happy with BMF!"

-Alex D.

Music Lessons Kids Love • Ages 4 & Up

Music lessons should be fun and inspiring, and we want your family to be super psyched to be learning and growing at Brooklyn Music Factory! 

Why Enroll in Music Lessons Now?

Music can help kids process and express emotions, which is more important than ever during these strange times.
Check out what these parents have to say...

How does music help you?
See what our students are saying:

​Join our community of inspiring musicians​ today!

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How Are Lessons at BMF Different?

  • Not your typical lesson - We use an ears-first methodology, while still providing plenty of opportunities to read notation and chord charts. (What pop/rock/jazz musicians read!)
  • Connect with others - Staying connected with others is so important - especially now. Our students play music together regularly, and learn to connect and communicate with others through music. (Yes, even online!)
  • Build confidence & creativity - Instead of bored & frustrated, Brooklyn Music Factory musicians are confident in their creativity & ability to play with others.
  • Game-based learning - We follow our own unique lesson architecture to challenge every student to use their ears—before their eyes—to solve the puzzle of music.

"Our 7 year old has been part of the BMF community since he was 3 and we could not be more grateful for the fantastic teaching and innovative ways that they make music a joy for kids. We're also very impressed with the way they've seamlessly transitioned to an online-only reality during the COVID shutdown. Our son’s lessons and band practice are highlights of his week.”

-T, a Brooklyn Parent

Private Lessons at Brooklyn Music Factory 

Learning music should be fun. At least that's what we think! Our students play a BLAM game (that's Big Lesson About Music!) in every lesson. These music games strengthen rhythm, melody, harmony and songwriting skills in a fun and engaging way! 


  • Lessons available for kids ages 4 and up
  • Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute weekly lessons
  • Lessons available Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-8:00pm, and Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm.
  • Choose from piano, guitar, voice, bass or drums
  • Easy to access virtual lessons (for questions about tech and lessons Visit our Online Learning page!)
  • Excellent communication & support from teachers (both with tech/Zoom and lesson questions!)
  • Nurturing & supportive teachers
  • Game-based learning keeps kids motivated to level up 
  • We teach our students to think for themselves musically - so they can play music with others! 
  • Our private lesson students play at least two gigs/performances a year, one in the winter and one in the spring (Our virtual gigs have been so fun and SO INSPIRING!)
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100% Risk-Free Registration

Brooklyn Music Factory offers a virtually 100% risk-free enrollment period.

If after 2 weeks, it’s not feeling right, we will refund any tuition paid to date.

We only want you to continue on your journey here if this feels like the right community for your family.

"You cultivate a love for music in my son, and I think it's your commitment to nurturing that makes BMF special. He leaves his lesson every week beaming with joy and confidence. "

- Erin M.

Our teachers have limited spots available.
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