Mini Keys

Ages 4 – 5

“It was really to get more involved with instruments. To actually learn to play rhythms and tunes, rather than just learning to sing a song or follow along, which seemed to be what most of the other programs were doing. They’re now interacting with a real drum set and piano, and playing a song with each other which I thought was really unique.”

– Mary, a MiniKeys Mom



 Has your child outgrown those toddler music classes? Take his/her music education to the next level with MiniKeys – a fun, semi-private, keyboard focused class, where children will also have the opportunity to get their hands on mics, a drum set and more! In addition, MiniKeys will begin to build your child’s musical vocabulary while teaching them how to work as a team.

Mini Keys

Each 45 Minute Class Features:

A 15 minute Drum Circle: Kids learn communication skills through rhythm games
A 15 minute Skillz & Drillz: Kids discover basic technique on their own keyboard
A 15 minute BLAM: Big Lessons About Music teach everything from song form to building melodies.

Inspired: Never Repetition Based or Boring!!Cost: $148/Month/Musician


Mini Keys

What BMF Parents Are Saying

“Mini-Keys is a fun, stress-free intro to playing music with others.

My daughter loved it, and I saw her musical sense increase as the year went on.”

– Heather, a Mini Keys Mom

“My son had a fantastic experience with BMF’s Mini-Keys. The energizing, fun and thoughtful program was the ideal way to introduce him to a range of different instruments – and hopefully set him on the road to a life full of music-making”

-Jasper, A Mini Keys Dad







We are located in Gowanus/Park Slope between 3rd and 4th Ave. Closest subway stop is the Union St. R, or a short walk from Atlantic Barclay’s Center. 

295 Douglass St. Buzzer #4 Brooklyn, NY