Why Brooklyn Music Factory? 

At Brooklyn Music Factory, we aim to redefine the way private music lessons are taught. We measure success by how many fun gigs our students play with one another, not by how far our students progress in a method book. And we achieve success through a series of games that teach students the tools they need to make music with others. Game-based learning keeps our lessons fun and effective. Our lessons feel nothing like the traditional lesson. We follow our own unique lesson architecture that challenges every student to use their ears before their eyes as they solve the puzzle of music. And every step in a student’s discovery is accompanied by the teacher jamming along with them. We grow confident, creative, and communicative musicians ready to jam with others.

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Brooklyn Music Factory did something very unique with our son. They sensed, somehow, a dream of his, and created the circumstance for it to happen. This team of exciting and gifted musicians challenge each child, whatever their level, in very specific ways. They have a very joyful approach to music- but know this is coupled with astute perceptions. Your child will grow, musically, and in all ways, here.
-Mary, BMF Parent

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