This week is all about MELODY, HARMONY & RHYTHM!

Join us for TONS of music games – where we'll combine melody, harmony and rhythm. Lots of games, lots of ear opening fun!!

What is Big Music Games LIVE??

Join us each week for tons of fun music games, songwriting, ear training, mini-lessons & more - hosted by BMF co-founder Nate Shaw!

  • Play live music games!
  • Connect with other inspiring gaming musicians
  • Level up ear training in a super fun way
  • Connect the dots between rhythm, melody and harmony - and lots more!
  • Write a song together - LIVE! (We need YOUR great ideas!)

WHAT: Big (Zoom) Music Games w/ Nate (NO instrument needed)

WHO: Musicians ages 6-11

WHEN: Thursdays at 5pm EST

WHY: Because everyone loves to flex their ears and music mind!


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