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Monday, March 2 - Sunday, March 8, 2020

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Discover New Summer Camps & Adventures All in One Place

Not sure if your child is interested in theater, a rock band, dance, soccer, or something else? Maybe even all of the above? Take part in Gowanus Kids' Summer Camp "World Tour" at participating locations Monday, March 2, to Sunday, March 8, 2020. You can explore summer activities at more than 13 dynamic youth programs all located within a few blocks' radius centered around Degraw Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Get comprehensive information and a sneak peek of the fun, and help your kids make the most of summer! 

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What We're About

Gowanus Kids is a new community alliance of arts, culture and athletic organizations based in Gowanus, now a destination for creative recreation and all-ages play. Gowanus Kids was formed so neighborhood programs could join resources and better serve local families. 

Gowanus Kids organizations are centrally located, maximizing busy Brooklyn parents' schedules. Drop off one child for fencing practice and another to textiles camp, and go take a yoga class while you wait. We designed this site as a shortcut in your research for new summer and year-round activities. You can find information for each organization here, and experience it for yourself during our World Tour! 

Participating Organizations Include:

2Rise Yoga - Ages 5-15 Brooklyn Children’s Theater - Ages 7-18 Brooklyn Music Factory - Ages 4-12 Champions Martial Arts - Ages 3-13 The Dance Studio of Park Slope - Ages 4-18 Dancewave - Ages 4-18 Force Soccer Studios - Ages 6-10 Gotham Archery - Ages 10-18 Gotham Gymnastics - Ages 3-18 Lango Kids - Ages 2.5-7 Textile Arts Center - Ages 5-13

Ages listed refer to summer camp offerings only. List of participating organizations subject to change.  


Take the World Tour - Here's How it Works:

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  • Refer to the schedule for World Tour visiting hours from March 2-8
  • RSVP HERE to choose your activities 
  • Follow the map to learn more about summer activities at each participating location. Get a feel for the space to help you make sure it's the best fit for your child. 
  • A staff member will be available to give detailed information about programs, and kids will be able to see programs in action to gauge interest. 

One week, one neighborhood, Brooklyn’s most popular summer camps 

What: Gowanus Kids 2020 Summer Camp World Tour When: Monday, March 2-Sunday, March 8 (visiting hours vary by location) Where: Gowanus, Brooklyn Who: All kids & families interested in learning more about the summer camp and recreational activities around Gowanus 

World Tour schedule available here.