"Last night was seriously one of the most amazingly helpful presentations I’ve ever seen, experienced or dreamed of about kids and school! You really outdid yourselves in terms of the whole format, the kids, everything. Bravo!!!" 

- Elizabeth (mom of an 8th grader)

Workshop Details:

Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:00pm EST
Who: 8th graders interested in auditioning in instrumental or vocal music for NYC’s performing arts high schools. (7th graders welcome to attend as well!)
Workshop Length: 60 minutes
Where: Hosted on Zoom
Cost: Free!

What to Expect:

In this practical workshop hosted by BMF co-founder Nate Shaw, you will get all the information your student needs to prepare and feel confident for auditioning to the arts high schools.

  • All the information you need to be prepared and CONFIDENT for your instrumental or vocal audition for New York City’s public arts high schools, including Laguardia, Edward R Murrow, Frank Sinatra, Special Music School, etc. 
  • This year’s auditions will be online for the first time, so Nate will address the specifics of preparing video submissions.
  • Nate will also share materials to prep for the sight-reading and melody/rhythm recall portions of the auditions.
    Note: These have traditionally been included in the auditions. This year, the DOE is saying that individual schools will decide if they want to include them. If they do, it will be in online call-backs. (BMF has reached out to a few people at the schools to see if we can get more info before the workshop about if/how they will be doing call-backs.)
  • Hear directly from current music students at Laguardia and Murrow! A panel of current instrumental and vocal students will also be available to answer questions and share their perspective and experience.

Meet Nate!

Nate is a BMF co-owner and Big Music Games LIVE teacher. This will be his 6th year in a row hosting the High School Audition Prep Workshop!!

Nate was born in New York and moved to Massachusetts at age 4. He started playing Suzuki at 6 years old. “I cannot remember not having a piano around the house. The game changer for me was when I turned 11, my mom bought me my first drum set. That changed everything!”

One of Nate’s biggest musical influences is his brother. “He played guitar and we jammed together constantly. One of our first original songs we co-wrote was called, “Ou Est Mon Bagle (where is my bagel).” We loved Jimmy Hendrix and Van Halen.”

Nate’s coolest gig experience? “A highlight from my playing career was doing a US State Department tour of the Balkans with a great latin jazz quartet. We brought music to groups of people that would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear American jazz. We acted as cultural diplomats and it was incredibly moving to use art as a conversation starter.”

When Nate isn’t playing music, you can find him gardening or meditating, two activities that Nate says, “Somehow go hand in hand.”

Most importantly, Nate would like to offer one piece of advice to his students: “Lead with your ears!! Music is all about listening…keep both ears open at all times!” 

Brooklyn Music Factory Co-founder Nate Shaw

Workshop FAQs

Who is this workshop for?

8th graders interested in auditioning in instrumental or vocal music for NYC’s performing arts high schools.
(7th graders welcome to attend as well!)

Do I need any materials to attend the workshop?

Feel free to grab a notebook and a pen to jot down any notes. You will receive a follow-up email from Nate with audition prep materials included.

What if I sign up and then cannot attend–will the event be recorded?

Yes! We will send out a recording of the workshop to all registered attendees.

I'm not 100% sure I want to audition for an arts high school. Is this workshop for me?

Totally! Everyone is welcome to join and gather information.

My child would like extra support preparing for the audition. Can we take audition prep lessons?

Absolutely! We offer 4- and 6-Lesson Packages, and our teachers are happy to help prepare your child for a confident audition. Click here for more info!

Save your spot for the High School Audition Prep Workshop today!
Wednesday, February 3, 2021 • 7:00-8:00pm EST