Workshop Details:

Date: Friday, January 15, 2021
Time: 7:00-8:30pm EST
Who: Singers of any level ages 9-90!
Workshop Length: 60 minutes
Where: Hosted on Zoom
Cost: Free!

Healthy Techniques for Any Style

In this practical workshop, you will learn the fundamentals necessary for a healthy singing technique in every musical style.

  • Learn how we produce voice
  • Watch and learn–live!– from Stav and other singers
  • Apply practical tools such as breath management, proper mouth shape, projection, dynamics and more!

Avoid Common Vocalist Pitfalls

This workshop will cover how to avoid common pitfalls such as hoarseness and vocal exhaustion. 

Plus– get tips on how to:

  • Widen your range
  • Gain more control over your voice
  • Sing with a more accurate pitch
  • Sing longer phrases
  • Have more dynamic control

Meet Stav!

Stav grew up in Israel and has a Diploma from Rimon music college for Jazz and Contemporary music in vocal performance, as well as a Diploma in vocal pedagogy Certifying her as a Complete Vocal Technique teacher from CVI Denmark. 

Stav has been singing as long as she can remember. “I was always drawn to it and couldn't stop singing! My mom is a composer working from home, so by elementary school I already knew her songs and arrangements by heart.” She began playing piano in the fourth grade and picked up bass in high school.

Stav cites Yael German (her mom), Queen, Fiona Apple, Villagers, and Bon Iver as a few of her inspirations. Her coolest gig? “Singing with Brazilian musician Nanny Asis at The Blue Note was a dream come true!” 

Aside from music, Stav loves the cinema, traveling the world and dogs. Anything else she’d like to share with the BMF community? “I have learning disabilities and struggle at school and with reading. The road to obtaining my education seemed impossible, but as soon as I started learning music and vocal pedagogy, everything clicked and I excelled in my classes!” 

Most importantly, Stav would like to offer some advice to her students: “Go with what you love. Search for what makes you WANT to learn and invest in it.”


Vocal Workshop FAQs

Who is this workshop for?

Singers ages 9 to 90, all levels of experience. (Even professional singers and voice teachers can use these tools!)

Do I need any materials to attend the workshop?

All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect with! (Plus–your voice!)

What if I sign up and then cannot attend–will the event be recorded?

Yes! We will send out a recording of the workshop to all registered attendees.

I'm brand new to singing. Is this workshop for me?

Totally! The Healthy Singing for All Ages workshop is great for vocalists just starting out, as well as seasoned singers. We will be covering a variety of of tools and exercises to try at home.

My child and I both sing. Can we attend together?

Absolutely! The more the merrier.

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